Notes from a Writing Life

Not Actually Spam, It Turns Out

Hello Sssstranger!

Tell me what you love about your S and I?ll share with you what I love about mine. Tell me how you miss the harmonious darkness of the studio and I?ll share with you how the red lights never fail to lead me into a drunken state of musical bliss. Tell me what your body is missing and I?ll fill you in on how my body is celebrating.

Don?t you know how I miss you? Don?t you know your body deserves to play on the wall, the poles and the chair? Don?t you know there is nothing like the magic of S to soothe your soul?

If you?ve ever thought you?ll come back when the time is right I will tell you the time is right NOW. With $50.00 off for returning students and $100.00 off for students currently enrolled in college you?re getting a little extra something special just for giving back to yourself.

Please don?t be a Sssstranger for much longer. This teacher of yours is dying to see your smiling face swinging from pole to pole again.

So tell me?..when?s the last time you had your S?

Missing you,

*redacted* Instructor - Houston
Sheila Kelley’s S Factor
2901 West Loop South #100
Houston, TX 77027

Ira Glass and Apologies

The only thing I would nitpick about this piece’s take on This American Life’s recent fact-checking debaucle is that I think many Shenzhen translators have a pretty good idea of what constitutes journalism and what constitutes storytelling. They’ve probably even learned to tell the difference within the same China Daily article.

Chinese Censorship

Welcome to Chicago!

So Cool!

What I wouldn’t give to be teaching a seminar on fairy tales right about now…


Prime Before You Slime


You know what I never understood? Why didn’t this guy just locate the nearest glasses store? Or, perhaps, find one of the innumerable carcasses strewn about in the street, and find one with glasses?

My Next Big Project

Concurrent, naturally, with finishing my novel once and for all. But who says there can’t be some borks along the way?

Say Goodbye to an Hour or So...

This is the best timekiller I’ve seen in a long time. The most familiar year to me, so far, is 1997, the year I spent a summer washing dishes to a top-20 station. But I haven’t had a chance yet to really get into the mid to late ’70s…

Been thinking lately about our particular cultural moment of reliving particular cultural moments, and not that this is anything new, exactly, but there’s a quality to things like this and mashups that relies almost entirely on the listener providing a borrowed emotional soundtrack of his/her own. But I’m not going to side with those who call it lazy—all mashups are not created equal, and maybe what we’re looking at is an artist creating using a different medium than is initially obvious. Not music; memories. 

Googling the Flu

I’m definitely with those who want to keep a close eye on how accurate this data turns out to be over time, but the correlation that can be seen now is pretty fascinating. Even I, an armchair medical historian type, don’t usually google the flu unless I think I have it. And there is a lot to be said for, as the article points out, tracking anxiety in the midst of an outbreak.